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Green Crack is a Sativa strain descended down from Skunk #1. Few strains compare to Green Crack’s sharp energy & focus as it induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. With a tangy, fruity flavor, Green Crack is great daytime strain that may help consumers fight fatigue, stress and depression.

GG#5 (Gorilla Glue)

GG#5 is a cross between GG 1 and GG 4. This 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid blend Will have you in a state of utter relaxation. It has spicy undertones which are often over powered by the strong diesel flavor. The pungent odor and flavor stay with you long after the smoke has dissipated. GG#5 will help users with insomnia, pain, depression, stress and anxiety. It will give you an initial rush of excitement and giggles and then leave you glued to your pillow.


OG is popular Indica strain that was originally discovered in Southern California where the term “OG” originally meant “Ocean Grown”. Bred with genetics from OG Kush. OG is potent enough for long-lasting effects combined with a more focused head high. OG has a pungent crisp citrus and earthy, evergreen aroma and taste. OG helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also a great way to enhance activities that involve the body and mind like video games, exercise and even sex.


Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, has achieved legendary status among West Coast strains. Crossing a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. Novice and veteran consumers alike enjoy the level effects of Blue Dream, which ease you gently into a calm euphoria. With a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain.


This mostly indica strain is a mix of Afghani and Blackberry strains and has beautiful dark purple buds with orange hairs. Blackberry Kush tends to have a hashy, jet fuel smell and taste that is balanced by sweet berries. Blackberry Kush is often recommended for the treatment of pain thanks to its strong indica body effects


Sunset Sherbet is a sweet and intoxicating marijuana strain with a name that matches its uplifting effects and tasty flavor profile. Sunset Sherbet is officially classified as an indica dominant cannabis hybrid, boasting an 85% indica, 15% sativa ratio. Medical patients will love the SS strain for its powerful mood-altering abilities, as well as its capabilities of protecting and healing the body from pain and inflammation.